Large Plate Raw Line

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Large plane raw line

Our large plates are ideal for dinner. All plates are finished with a scratch-resistant cover glaze and have a clay-colored rim. These plates can also be combined with the pasta bowls. 

Dishwasher safe . Suitable for the microwave. Sturdy and strong clay material, Swiss Made for everyday use with eco-friendly manufacturing.

o 26cm

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Use the glas or standard cycle in the dishwasher.
Suitable for microwave

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Unsere Produkte werden in Kleinserien handwerklich angefertigt. Dadurch bedingt sind Abweichungen von Farbe, Struktur und Grösse, sowie kleinere Verunreinigungen in der Glasur zu erwarten.  Die Glasuroberflächen können etwas unregelmässig sein, was auch den handwerklichen Ausdruck des Produktes zeigt. 
Our products are handcrafted in small series. Normal deviation of colour or structure and sices as well as minor glaze impurities are to be expected. Glaze surfaces may turn out to be slightly uneven, which is an expression of the products being hand-crafted and may not be the subject of complaints.